Tart Selection Platter

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Tart Selection Platter - a delicious and unique dessert experience that's perfect for any occasion. This platter includes four different tarts, each with its own distinct flavours and textures.

Vegan Yuzu and Lemon Tart -
Made with a crisp pastry shell and a tangy filling of yuzu and lemon, this tart is the perfect choice for those looking for a refreshing and zesty treat.

Black Sesame Cream Cheese Tart -
The combination of nutty black sesame and creamy cheese filling creates a delicious and indulgent flavour profile that's sure to please any palate.

Matcha Cream Cheese Tart -
A must-try. The earthy and slightly bitter matcha flavor is perfectly balanced with the creamy cheese filling and crisp pastry shell.

Black Sugar Bubble Tea Cream Cheese Tart -
This tart is a unique and delightful twist on the classic bubble tea flavor, featuring a creamy cheese filling with the rich and sweet flavor of black sugar bubble tea.

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