About Us


Dot Dot is a new independent bubble tea and waffle spot on Stoke Newington Church Street.

We wish to bring a conscientious perspective towards what is an established beverage and an iconic street snack from Hong Kong.  We want to join the dots between the sourcing of ingredients, sustainable packaging and practise and ultimately, a taste that is both an ode to our native Hong Kong as well as progressive flavour combinations. 

Both the English name dot dot and its Chinese counterpart 点点 (meaning “dot” or “spot”) have a myriad of meanings for us. Paired with (“heart”) and you get dim sum - which literally translates into heart-touching - or a touch of what your heart desires.  Within the Chinese idiom 点点滴滴  (“little by little”) it’s used as a phrase to describe life moving along bit by bit.  Dot dot could also be interpreted as an ellipses… an open-ended explorative journey for us.

Susie and Yan met through their daughters attending the same nursery and connected over food and more specifically their love of Hong Kong food traditions. Lau - better known as “Susie Bubble” was born and raised in London and is a fashion writer and content creator by trade but. It was fated that her childhood nickname and fashion persona “Susie Bubble” would bring her into the creation of dot dot. 

2020 brought about tumultuous change for many but for Susie and Yan, it presented itself as an opportunity to create a food venture that they feel is currently missing from London’s existing landscape of bubble teas and waffles.  With carefully sourced ingredients, thoughtful flavour combinations and a sustainable outlook, dot dot aims to offer a healthier and more selective approach towards this popular beverage and beloved Hong Kong street snack.

Dot Dot is also an exploration of Hong Kong food identity as both Susie and Yan yearn for tastes, flavours and experiences, idiosyncratic to a this former British colony, that is fast changing.

As Dot Dot grows from a humble bubble tea and waffle spot, it looks to include product ranges that include sauces, confectionary and patisserie items, with a focus on vegan baking that doesn’t compromise on taste.   

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