Year of Rabbit Vegan Unity Box 兔氣揚眉

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Dot Dot Year of the Rabbit Vegan Unity Box 


Our Lunar New Year Vegan Unity Box is back by popular demand and we have created a special Year of the Rabbit edition to bring optimism, positive energy for the new year.

Housed in a bamboo steamer, Dot Dot have created an all-vegan set of celebratory treats chosen for their auspicious sounding ingredients and names.

Miso Sesame 'Smiling Balls' 笑口常開
We’ve paired miso and sesame together for a moreishly tasty smiling cookie balls, traditional treats to have in the house for Lunar New Year. 

When these miso sesame flavoured balls are dropped into the pan, they open up into the shape of a smile.

Golden Passionfruit Pate des Fruits 金銀滿屋
The golden hue of our passion fruit pate de fruits is here to bring on a gold rush for the near year. They represents a figurative (or literal!) gold rush for the new year. Get that coin in!

Lucky Mandarin Pineapple Cake 大吉大利
Finally, the centrepiece of our Unity Box is a pineapple cake shaped like a mandarin, pairing traditional fruits of prosperity together. 

Chrysanthemum and Goji Berry Cookies 花開富貴
Signifying the 'flowering' of fortune in all respects. The natural sweetness of the antioxidant goji berry combines with the subtle floral tones of chrysantemum flowers, it is the popular demand in out Unity Box.

Pistachio, Peanut and Sesame brittle 健康長壽
There’s pistachio, peanut and sesame brittle bringing together the fruits of “longevity and happiness” sticking together for a glut of positive vibes. 

In Chinese peanuts and pistachio, literally translate to mean fruits of “longevity and happiness". When coated with sugar, this brittle ensures your year will be “sticky” with a glut of good health and positive vibes.

玉兔呈祥! Wishing you all the vigour and vitality of the Rabbit from Dot Dot
Suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian. Free from preservatives.


Pistachio, peanut and sesame brittle
Ingredients: Peanut, pistachio, sesame seeds, mixed seed, sugar, glucose

Miso Sesame Smiling Balls
Ingredients: Flour, sugar, baking soda, white sesame, water, oil, miso paste

Passionfruit Pâte des Fruits
Ingredients: Passion fruit syrup, glucose, sugar, pectin, water

Mandarin Pineapple Cake
Ingredients: Fresh Pineapple, Maltose, Sugar, Glutinous Rice Flour, Cake Flour, Icing Sugar, Vegan butter, Oat Milk, Matcha powder.